JFS 100-13 Gas Turbine Engine

The Garrett JFS100 13A is a sophisticated twin shaft gas turbine starter unit often referred to as a "Jet Fuel Starter". It is possible to adapt the JFS100 for a number of ground based and airborne applications. The twin shaft layout allows the unit to be adapted for wheel driven vehicle applications and also after removal of the power turbine assembly the unit may be operated as a Turbo-Jet. The JFS100 features completely self contained fuel and oil systems, it also uses a onboard alternator to provide electrical power. The original aircraft installed JFS was capable of being started with a supply of compressed air only. Normal starting is also permitted by the use of an electric starter. The engine incorporates a neat little accessory drive which carries the electrical, fuel and oil systems.

These engines make 90 Horsepower but more important yet, close to 600 LB FT of Torque! The 3000 RPM output shaft speed is perfect for most applications. We have seen these engines in or on most every type of vehicle built!

We stock a large supply of new and used parts for these engines. We also carry this model (and JFS-100-34's) less power turbine for thrust applications.



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Allied Signal
Model JFS 100-13 Gas Turbine Engine

Model and type
JFS 100-13. Turboshaft, ( free turbine), The gas generator incorporates a 1-stage centrifugal compressor, annular combustor,1-stage axial flow turbine. The power turbine incorporates an axial flow turbine wheel assembly, a planetary reduction gear system an over running clutch system.

Air inlet in front of unit. Single stage radial outflow, Single-entry impeller mounted on home shaft supported in 2 ball bearings. air mass flow
1.6 Ib/sec/72,500 rpm.

Annular fuel manifold assembly, and five simplex fuel nozzles.

Turbine (Gas generator)
Hollow nozzle vanes.1-stage axial flow turbine. Maximum temperature 1850 F (1000)C.

Turbine (power)
Axial flow free turbine wheel attached to home gear train pinion and reduction gear.

Fixed area single outlet, exhausted downward.Power take-off Reduction gearbox at rear of unit. Output shaft 3,000 rpm.Fuel system Allied-signal-integral fuel system. pump, governor, internal relief valve, and flow control.

Ignition System
Bendix air-gap, ignition system. 1 igniter.

Sump type, Pressurized system.

Width and height
11.9 in and 12.0 in

22.0 in

82.0 Ib

Power weight
1.09 shp/Ib

Fuel spec
Kerosene, or Jet-A

Fuel consumption
1.3 Ib/shp-hr

Oil spec; consumption
MIL-L-7808: 0.02phr

90 shp @ 60,400 power turbine rpm